With JSCP, you gain a partner equipped with the knowledge and flexibility to cater to your unique needs.

Our Experience

JSCP stands apart through our commitment to quality and our vast experience, ensuring unparalleled value to our clients. We expertly guide clients in developing their own risk and solvency assessment (ORSA) process and adeptly integrate ORSA into their existing enterprise risk management (ERM) framework.

Our ability to forge business relationships beyond the insurance and actuarial field enhances our effectiveness. By tapping into non-insurance expertise as required, we excel in articulating intricate insurance concepts to non-insurance stakeholders.

Moreover, our seasoned team brings proficiency in long-term contracts, including:


Mortgage Insurance


Agriculture Insurance


Warranty and Surety

Proven Track Record

Expert Witness

JSCP, recognized as a trusted actuarial consulting firm in the Property & Casualty (P&C) industry, has the distinct honor of serving as an Expert Witness in numerous court cases.

Our professional services include:


Court Appearance in Litigation Cases


Participation in Arbitration and Public Hearings

Independent Actuary

As stipulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) Guideline E-14

Our firm distinguishes itself by being among a handful of P&C actuarial consulting firms entrusted to act as an Independent Actuary, confirming our compliance with OSFI Guideline E-14 and showcasing our commitment to upholding the highest professional standards.

How We Can Help You

Appointed Actuary

  • Statements of Actuarial Option of Policy Liabilities
  • Forecast Future Financial Statements
  • Financial Condition Testing (FCT)
  • Internal MCT or BAAT Target
  • Standardized Stress Testing (SST)

Funding & Risk Retention

  • Self-insurance and self-retention analysis for associations, captive insurers and manufacturers
  • Premium requirement for reciprocals, self-insurers and captives
  • Net retention or risk transfer analysis
  • Risk and reward analysis
  • Rate stabilization reserve

External Peer Review

Mergers & Acquisitions, Amalgamations

  • Value assessment of an active company or a block of business
  • Due diligence
  • Matching partners
  • Policy liability assessment
  • Report to insurance regulator

Audit Support

Financial Planning

  • New company formation
  • Insurance company license application
  • Business plan and financial projections
  • Capital requirement

Own Risk And Solvency Assessment

  • Developing an internal documented process
  • Integrating ORSA into an ERM framework
  • Independent assessment of a client’s current ORSA
  • Evaluating long-term capital efficiency

Investment Strategy

  • Optimal asset allocation
  • Asset liability management within enterprise’s risk appetite


  • Assessment of surplus
  • Distribution of surplus
  • Report to policyholders

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Economic capital modelling
  • Development of risk appetite, risk capacity and risk profile
  • Reinsurance analysis and alternate risk transfer strategy
  • Integrated risk analysis
  • Optimization of capital allocation
  • Preparation and maintenance of a risk registry

Product Pricing

  • Rate adequacy study
  • Rating factor and algorithm
  • Target return on equity (economic capital)
  • Fair related party pricing

Liability Analysis

  • Claim reserve analysis
  • Warranty cash flow projection
  • Claim reserve variability

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